Winter Wonderland

Winter is coming and that means Bryce is about to come more alive! Sounds odd right? Winter is usually when outdoor activities are put to rest. But not in Bryce Canyon. Not only does the landscape change drastically from bright red and green to extreme contrast between the snow on the ground and tops of the hoodoos, but winter brings out some of the more extreme and fun activities in Bryce! This is actually one of the better times of the year to visit the park and surrounding areas.

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon
Photo Credit: Tian Lan on flickr

Winter Activities In Bryce Canyon:


There are more than 20 miles of trails through Dixie National Forest and some lead to stunning scenic plateaus that look over Bryce Canyon. This is definitely an activity for the ones seeking that thrill. There is nothing quite like gliding over smooth rolling snow covered hills. Choose between maintained or unmaintained trails, either way you’re guaranteed to have a blast!


Snowshoeing can be a rigorous workout, but can be one of the more rewarding while in Bryce Canyon. Snowshoe through some of the most stunning winter scenery in the park and enjoy time spent with loved ones. There are guided snowshoe tours available as well for beginners.

Sleigh Rides

For the ultimate winter experience, take a ride on a horse drawn sleigh through the surrounding areas winter scenery. This is the perfect activity for family fun or a romantic outing.

Ice Fishing

If you’re a fisherman and are wanting to try out Panguitch lake you’re in for a treat ! Panguitch lake is known to have some of the best ice fishing in Utah.


Bryce Canyon offers family friendly sledding on maintained slopes that everyone can enjoy!

Full Moon Hikes

This is probably one of the most educational and fun experiences you can have in Bryce Canyon during the winter seasons. You can go on guided full moon hikes and see Bryce in a new light, MOONLIGHT! It’s absolutely stunning and something the whole family can enjoy!

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