A Travel Guide to the Natural Bridges National Monument

The Natural Bridges are formed in the bottoms of deep canyons and the arches stand on the skyline. These National Monuments offers beautiful landscape and a scenic drive. You can also go for hiking, you can make a single loop around the three bridges and it will be around 9 miles. You can find more information about National Monument in the National Parks Book. The book gives the details of the hiking area and other significant information about the Natural Bridges and National Monument.

During ancient times the area was repeatedly occupied and deserted and it was first used in 7000 B.C and the group of hunter lived here till 700 A.D. And in 1100 A.D. new migrants moved here from across San Juan River. The Natural Bridges is closer to Montecillo. The weather conditions changes instantly although the way and coming back to Montecillo, it gives totally unique experience. You have to show your pass at the visitor’s center to enter into the park of National Monument. If you are a frequent visitor, then you can as well get an annual pass. To get some idea and overview of the natural bridges you can watch the park video before you wanted to visit the beautiful Natural Monuments.

Natural Bridges National Monument
Photo Credit: Matt Straite on flickr

Arches vs. Natural Bridges

It is very difficult to distinguish the Natural Bridges from arches. To find the difference you can watch park video; it gives you more information and shows the difference between arches and Natural Bridges. The Natural Bridges are formed in the bottom of the sea, from the moving of water whereas arches are formed from seeping and frost moisture or water.

The Natural Bridges

The three Natural Bridges are Sipapu, Owachomo and Kachina Bridge.
1. Saipapu: It is very steep and it takes about 1.2 miles round-trip. People who are scared of heights must not visit this Natural Bridges as it contains steep stairs and contains drop-offs very next to the trail and also the bridge has few ladders. Saipapu is second largest Natural Bridges in the world after Rainbow Bridge which is located on Glen Canyon. If you are an enthusiastic and adventurous person, then this is the perfect hiking spot. It offers you beautiful landscape and scenic areas and gives the chilling and amazing sight when you look down the bridge.
2. Owachomo: This Natural Bridge also a short-hike loop, which is about 0.4miles. it is shortest among the three bridges.
3. Kachina Bridge: This Natural Bridge is the youngest one among the three bridges and it is also the widest among 3 Natural Bridges.

The Natural Bridges contains spectacular camping grounds for visitors. It contains around 13 sites and they are obtainable as on arrival, no reservations are allowed. The best time to visit National Monuments is in the fall. Make use of the brochures and visitors guide to learn more about the Natural Bridges and National Monuments. To reach the Natural Bridges from west Blanding it takes 39 miles from Hwy 95, and 60miles from Monticello. You can explore the place with your friends and family and enjoy the steep climbs and adventurous hiking.

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