Summer and Winter Activities in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon SunrisePhoto Credit: Chip Phillips on flickr

There are so many different reasons to visit Bryce Canyon, countless reasons really. One of the cool things about Bryce is you can visit year round and still find some sort of activity to do! The possibilities are endless! To show you what we are talking about we’ve compiled a list of 5 summer and 5 winter activities to do in Bryce Canyon.

Summer Activities:

Astronomy Programs
Bryce Canyon is one of the best places to learn about the night sky, considering they are on the top ten list of national parks for the best stargazing, and the last grand sanctuary for a night sky. The park offers several different annual astronomy programs as well as weekly programs.
Obviously one of the main summer activities in Bryce is the hiking. There is so many cool hikes and so much to explore here in this martian like landscape!
Horseback Riding
Take a ride on the back of a horse through the towering hoodoos and magical landscape of Bryce Canyon. This is definitely one of the most popular and fun summer activities to experience! And is something the whole family can enjoy!
Mossy Cave Waterfall
This is kind of a hidden gem in Bryce canyon, located off the highway hidden in the forest is this stunning little waterfall oasis where you can enjoy a dip in the chilly water, or just admire the scenery while eating a lunch. This is definitely something everyone should experience.
Scenic Drives
Bryce Canyon is by far one of the most bizarrely beautiful places here in Utah. With its martian like landscape and sky reaching hoodoos, and the beautiful canyon. Scenic drives from one end of the park to the other are never a bad idea, especially since you can get out and take short hikes at almost all the viewpoints.

Winter Activities:

Bryce Canyon sure is amazingly beautiful and unique during the warmer months, but have you ever thought of going sight seeing during the winter there? Wow, what a view! The snow laying on the bright red rock contrasting with a blue sky is by far one of the coolest and most captivating views that Bryce offers. We highly suggest doing this, especially for photographers who want that perfect and unique shot of the Canyon.
Wanting to get out and get physical? Try out snowshoeing in Bryce. This can be a pretty tough activity, but definitely a fun one! Bryce Canyon offers a snowshoeing program for beginners to enjoy this highly strenuous activity and learn more about it.
Full Moon Hikes
This is probably one of my favorites! You can take a ranger guided snowshoe hike under the light of the full moon. This is a favorite due to the fact that Bryce Canyon has such an amazing night sky! With a full moon and the stars to guide you through a winter wonderland, this is bar none one of the coolest experiences you can have in Bryce Canyon.
What would winter be without sledding right? Luckily Bryce offers family friendly sledding slopes during the winter season!
Winter Backpacking
Looking for a challenge? Try winter backpacking in Bryce! Backpacking is a strenuous activity as is, but during the winter it can be much more challenging.

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