Scenic Drives in Bryce Canyon

Not the type to slap on hiking boots, or jump on horse? Maybe you’re more of the type to wants to just admire the beauty that Bryce Canyon has to offer? There are plenty of remarkable and marvelous drives to capture the parks amazing hoodoos, mountains, canyons and other natural wonders. There is a shuttle that runs in the summer seasons that takes Hwy 63 and stops at campgrounds, scenic overlooks, and the visitors center. The park encourages the use of this amenity as parking is very limited at most of the viewpoints. Here is a list of several different scenic drives and overlooks.

Drive through Dixie National Forest

Photo Credit: Rob Taylor on flickr

Rainbow Point

This overlook is really where your drive should start. From here you can see nearly the entire park clear to the north right before your eyes. Before moving forward, be sure to check the southern overlook – Yovimpa Point to catch a glimpse of Bryce Canyon’s unique rock formations, especially the Grand Staircase rock formations.

Ponderosa Canyon

This overlook was named since Ponderosa Canyon’s floor is literally covered in Ponderosa Pines! Some reaching up to 5 ft. in diameter and 150 ft. high!

Natural Bridge

This is a a really cool spot with virtually no hiking involved. The view is an overlook of a natural bridge in the unique jagged rocks, with a peek-a-boo view of the ponderosa pines on the other side. Such a stunning and amazing scene.

Swamp Canyon

This one you may want to take the hike just to get a better look at what lies within. The overlook makes the area look sheltered and small, but below is a lush waterland where two tiny creeks and a natural spring provide enough water to upkeep the lavish green surroundings.

Highway 12

This drive is by far one of my favorites! Cutting through the beautifully scenic NE side of Bryce, it has several amazing overlooks and short hikes along the way. One short hike in particular – Mossy Cave Trail will take you up to a cool cave with hanging gardens and ravishing up close views of the Hoodoos. If you merge right at the fork in the trail you’ll find yourself a lovely waterfall nearby. This is such a beautiful and fun drive.

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