Hidden Secrets of Bryce Canyon

Most come to Bryce Canyon to experience the beautiful scenic landscapes, awesome hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and plenty of other fun activities. Which is what attracts anyone to a National Park. Though that stuff is cool and fun and what have you, there are somethings that most people don’t know or otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience when visiting Bryce had someone not told them to try it.

Photo Credit: daveynin on flickr

Ponderosa Pines are one of Bryce Canyon’s main attractions, with their height reaching up to 150 ft. and their beautiful color being a hard contrast against the red desert surroundings, it’s no surprise that people and photographers love to come and view the trees nestled in the canyon and capture some sweet shots. But, did you know that the pines have a scent of their own? Yes, I know that all Pine Trees have a smell, but I mean these tree’s scent has been compared to things like vanilla, or butterscotch! Some with the smell being so strong that it is almost tempting to take a bite!

Butch Cassidy and the Wild Boys had a hideout in Bryce Canyon that they used to evade the law back in the cowboys days! That’s right, and you can take a pretty awesome tour on horseback down to the hideout and get an up close view of it, and even eat your lunch there!

Stargazing is always really fun, but did you know that Bryce Canyon is top 10 in the united states for stargazing? If you are wondering why, I will tell you. Firstly, the skies here are some of the most clear due to minimal to no light pollution, making it so that you are able to see up to 7,500 stars in one night! Plus the Milky Way is unbelievably visible from here and is framed by the some of the coolest landscape in Utah.

So when you come visit Bryce Canyon, make sure that you have time to try out some of these cool little secret experiences!

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