The Great Heritage and History of Panguitch

Panguitch is an established town located in the middle of a huge valley, which is enclosed by Dixie National Forest and the most popular Bryce Canyon National Park that is located in just 24 miles away. The surroundings are gorgeous and place is very exciting. You can relax just by watching the beautiful surroundings that you will miss in large and most populated cities.

You can observe the rich history and great heritage of Panguitch today also in the buildings, street fairs, , rodeos, etc. This gorgeous town in Utah is not closer to other cities but it serves as an absolute gateway to the neighboring attractions. You can enjoy the best ATV trails, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding and biking anywhere and everywhere in the huge National Park. The town offers best hotels and other amenities for the visitors and adventurers. The best time to visit the town is during historic Quilt walk and annual events, which gives you the most wonderful experiences.

Panguitch Main Street
Photo Credit: Steve Swayne on flickr

First Settlers

The initial settlers settled in Panguitch the rocky terrain of Utah in March 1864. These settlers were four Mormon families settled fearlessly in the wild lands of south central canyon and they settled in this small town of Panguitch. It was very hard during their initial stage as they have faced hardship in finding food and they starved for many days, and survived the harsh winters and the violence from the local inhabitants. They took the challenge and established a small community to continue their legacy and beliefs.
During that period, the iniquitous Black Hawk War was happening between the Mormons and the Natives. This war made the first settlers of Panguitch move out in 1866. But the pioneers returned in 1871 and continued their livelihood with the establishment made by their ancestors.


At 6630 feet above the sea level, in the canyon territory the small town is located where the first settlers faced the hardship because of rough winters and finding ways to survive with the short summer seasons and how to tolerate the long and sever winters
The real test for settlers was the first winter that caused severe problem, which made them learn the survival skills. During the winter season, they faced lot of problems due the road blocks by the snow and their crops were frozen due to heavy snow storms, they were starved for days, but the calamity was changed by the seven brave men who volunteered to cross over the mountain to get some food and flour to survive through the winter season.

Invention of Quilters

The settlers learned new ways to survive the harsh winters. It is hard to travel in wagons in deep snow, which made the brave volunteers walk miles and miles on foot. These men created quilts to avoid falling through the layer of the snow; they use to place the quilts over the snow surface. All through the way they use to spread the quilts by retrieving the first one and place it in front and walk, by this way they use to go to the adjacent village to get some flour and food for their community people and go back to their community, this is how they saved them from starvation.

Conclusion: The people in Panguitch cleberate Quilt Walk Annual Ceremony today in remembrance of the great survivals skills of first settlers, and they celebrate ‘quilt walkers’ to remember the legacy and history of Utah. This annual ceremony is started to honor the brave and innovative men who volunteered to help their community and help saved them from starvation.

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