What to do if you Get Lost While Hiking – Learn Some Basic Safety Measures

Know what to do if you get lost while hiking before going for hiking. The feeling of getting lost while hiking itself gives you chills. But in case it really happened, then what are the consequences and how to deal the situation well. Once you realize you are lost, automatically the fear and confusion will surround you and next come the loneliness feeling and combination of these three can make the bad situation into worse.

Even after preparing so well with full proof plan, setting up the route, learning how to use compass and map, and following every other guideline, but still, unfortunately if you get lost, first thing do is don’t panic, think how to find the way what should you do?

If you can follow simple yet effective guidelines, then there is more chances of getting rescued instead of recovered, if you know what exactly it means? Though people follow all guidelines, but they still get lost because of some misfortune. If the situation is depleting, you should learn to be strong and stay calm and try to take control of the situation.

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The Important Tool:

If you lost while hiking, then the most important, and one and only tool that you need to survive in the wilds or injured in the woods is staying positive, keep a positive attitude. You keep on remind yourself you are going home safe and as soon as possible. Don’t panic, if you lose hope, then, you may not able to think positively and it makes the situation even worse.
Before leaving for your hiking trip, tell you friends or family or neighbors about your trip and tell them when you are returning back. In case of any unfortunate incident happen to you, they can report to authorities about you missing if you do not return back. It is also advisable to inform the ranger before hitting the trailhead; they will come to know immediately if you do not return there on time.

Stop, Think Clearly, Stay Calm and Observe:

The first step to take when you lost in woods, Stop, and then give some time and Think clearly and stay calm.
1. Stop – once you realize that you are going out of your way then stop wherever you are and stay calm. If you panic, you may lose it, so stay calm and think about the next step and how to get help. Try to find the solution and way to get out from that place. Don’t walk further, find a safe place and stay there. Sit and relax, drink some water.
2. Think – when you stay calm you can think better. Take a look at your map, and try to recollect the landmarks and check the compass in which direction you stopped actually. Observe the surroundings, you may get some idea and you may actually find a way out. So stay calm and think.
3. Observe – Determine the direction with your compass and observe the location clearly, you may find something familiar. These steps often show you the way and help you get back on the trial.

When you lost while hiking, then the best thing to do is stay positive and stay calm, and try to find the way, trace back your steps and observe the surroundings in case you find anything familiar, landmarks, etc. Make sure to leave you whereabouts with neighbors or friends.

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