Bryce Canyon National Park – Visiting & Exploring

Bryce Canyon National Park

Dubbed as one of the most popular and most favorited national parks in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park continues to capture the imagination of tourists with its natural beauty. For years, the park has continuously been a popular tourist destination, but it was only in 1928 when this area was formally designated as a national park. For tourists, many are curious why it was named Bryce. The national park is actually named after Ebenezer Bryce, a cattleman and known to be first settler in that area. Bryce is considered to be a natural amphitheater. When you go inside the park, you get to see hoodos. As years passed, Bryce has evolved into a unique and beautiful natural landscape. Hoodoos have become permanent features which make the place a really interesting tourist spot to visit. Bryce Canyon is famous for its hodoos, amazing landscape, perfect view of the sunrise and sunset and the beautiful display of light that bounces off the red rocks.

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park
Photo Credit: PROTushar Koley on flickr

When to See Bryce Canyon

For travelers who want to witness Bryce Canyon, knowing the right time as to when you should visit the area is definitely important. The nice thing about this place is that it is actually an all-round tourist spot for everyone. When you go around Bryce National Park as well as the nearby areas like the Cedar Breaks National Monument, you can experience the elevations up to 9,000 ft. These areas are closed during snow seasons and cold nights. The best time to visit the place is during summer. This is the perfect time for you not just to have your sightseeing activities, but as well as to enjoy the other activities available at the park. The only downside of visiting Bryce Canyon during summer is that it can be really crowded so you can expect that the RVs are moving quite slow. If ever you experience this problem, it is best to take a shuttle bus. If you are up for a solitude ride and travel experience, you should visit Bryce from October to March.

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